01. Please [staple] your test sheet to your essay paper before handing it in.
02. I cut my finger on a [staple] during the test, and got blood all over the paper.
03. Rice is the most important [staple] in the diet of many Asian countries.
04. Food is difficult to come by, and people have to line up for hours to buy [staples] such as bread and meat.
05. Violence and sex have become [staples] of prime time television in our society.
06. Fish is a [staple] of the Japanese diet.
07. We need a [stapler], and a three-hole punch for the office.
08. In the late 1600s, Ireland recognized the food value of potatoes, and became the first country in Europe to plant potatoes as a [staple] food crop.
09. If you are going to hand your homework in late, you really should [staple] a five-dollar bill to it.
10. The [stapler] is empty so you'll have to use a paperclip to attach your answer sheet to your test paper.
11. There is a severe shortage of food in the country, and even the most basic [staples] are hard to come by, and are extremely expensive.
12. Soy is an important [staple] in Asian diets.
13. Yogurt is a [staple] of the Bulgarian diet.
14. Rice is not just a [staple] food of Indonesia, but is also considered symbolic of life itself.
15. Some extremely fat people have to have their stomachs [stapled] in order to lose weight.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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